CicaTape Silicone Tape

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Soft Silicone tape - CicaTape is designed to hold firmly and removes without pulling the skin.
Made with medical grade silicone, CicaTape can be used for holding IV lines, bandages and also may be applied directly to healed wounds where scar tissue has formed.
CicaTapes translucent film allows the color of your skin to blend through to reduce the look of wearing a bandage. CicaTapes smooth surface film will make you forget you have it on. CicaTape can be applied to any clean and dry skin surface.
  • Partially blends with skin color
  • MicroPerforated for easy size choice.
  • No scissors needed
  • Can be rinsed, air-dryed and reused
  • Latex Free, Teflon Free, 30 two inch sections. Choose the size you need.