Stacy R.- Euro Illusion cap Georgia

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Euro Illusion Wig 


The Euro Illusion cap is one of HM OG cap types that has clips on the ear tabs to provide extra security for those that still have some bio hair and clips tend to not bother them. Euro Illusions are made with strictly European hair (hence the name). These caps are very durable due to having two layers of lace sewn together. Lace tops provide more volume at the roots rather than silk tops laying flat. This hair texture dries slightly wavy and is perfect for those that are familiar with European hair and it’s texture. These caps run slightly larger and we would recommend 1 size down.


Premium European Texture Hair 

Lace-front ear to ear

Clips on ear tabs 

Illusion cap (double laced top) 

Hybrid wefted cap 

adjustable straps

comb at nape 





beautiful hairline with bleached knots 

*Pricing is in USD. Any customs/import charges for residences outside the US are responsible to pay these fees. We use salon grade products on all of our wigs and have proper care instructions that come with your HM  package. Please note that each wig has been hand painted and colored by The Hair Mama LLC and each have their own individuality.  Some color may wash out the first couple of rinses and this is completely normal. If you have any further questions please contact Thank you!


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