Frequently Asked Questions

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The personal touches. We customize each and every wig & topper. Every piece is
cut, styled, and colored in house and not one piece is alike. 

We offer 1:1 support via consults & emails. 

The HairMama herself struggles with hair loss & wants to continue to empower other women in the hair loss community.   

Yes! We offer in-person, virtual, and phone consultations.  

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No, we no longer offer custom orders. We can potentially alter an already existing piece with the available add-ons.  

However, you can now Build-Your-Own-HairMama 

Wefted is when the wefts or tracks of hairs that are machine sewn on to a cap in rows.

A handtied piece is individually hand-knotted.

It is a layering system where knots are hidden between multiple layers of silk that makes the scalp have a more natural finish. They are known for having return hairs along the scalp lining.

A Wig covers your head completely.

A topper is a half wig, that sits on top to cover thinning spots, and blends with your own hair. Think toupee for women. 

A silk top requires the use of your own hairs to create a natural hairline. 

A lace front has its own hairline and can simply be secured on.

Clips, combs, elastic bans can all be sewn in to your hair piece.  

Wig grips, tape, glue, or Vella can all be applied, but are not necessary.

The added security is personal preference. 

Vella is a special Velcro, specifically made for hair.

We sell DIY Vella Kits on our site so you can insert them yourself as you feel necessary. 

Measure from start to end of problem area to determine coverage. 

If using to add length, add an inch or two to your own hair’s length.

  • Cut the Lace
  • Move the Part
  • Root
  • Cut Bangs
  • Haircut 
  • Thinning
  • Cut Baby Hairs
  • Low Lights
  • Roots & Lowlights
  • Wig Sizing
  • Add Clips, Comb, or Band
  • Add Silicone Top
  • Add Silicone Ear Tabs & Nape Strip 

Yes, but at a low heat (nothing above 300F), with the use of a heat protectant spray.

Yes! We provide it as an Add-On Service.  

However, to perform yourself, all you need to do is part in the desired direction, spray it with water, & blow dry in the desired direction. 

We part it down the middle to cut the hair evenly, but each part can be moved anywhere along the silk or lace top. 

That is all dependent on the wear and care of each person but can average between 3-5 years. 

Note that every time you wash it, the longevity reduces.  

It shouldn’t be based on time, but on product build-up and how often the piece is worn.

If worn daily, the wash cycle will typically be once a month. 

Unfortunately no, not at this time.

We post new listings daily! You can check our website, Instagram, or Facebook group for sneak peeks and alerts as to when they are live.

Each piece is custom hand-made in house so no one piece is the same. We don’t have insight on what pieces we will be posting until the day they are created. We do have set formulas for some of our staple pieces, but each piece will have its own uniqueness.

Yes! As long as no Add-On Services have been requested, we can have your hair piece shipped as soon as possible.  

For Add-Ons, we ask for a 2-4 week grace period for the service to be performed. 

Please email for any additional questions! Thank You!


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