All my life I have suffered from thinning hair. In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and PCOS. That begin my journey with hairloss. I have been a hairdresser now for 16 years and as you can imagine, suffering from hairloss can be debilitating at times. I mean, who wants to go to a bald hairdresser? I would disguise my hairloss with powders and extensions and I literally tried EVERY hairloss product on the market. In 2014 I Gave birth to my first son and the shedding that came after childbirth was horrific. Then came bariatric surgery, I had a new thin body but also a new thin head of hair. It was pitiful and depressing and It was getting harder to conceal. In 2015 I delivered twins at 23 weeks and had a traumatic birth an lost my baby girl. My son continued to thrive by the grace of God and stayed in the NICU for almost 5 months. He is our miracle boy! When we brought my son home that began the journey to more hairloss. About a month after bringing him home I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) and had an extensive surgery to remove a part of my left kidney. 3.5 years cancer free today!! Praise Jesus! But the hairloss was no longer able to be concealed. Fast forward that is what led me to where I am today with TheHairMama. I researched and tried all sorts of toppers, Wigs and hair pieces. Over the next few years I created a hair loss community on Facebook and YouTube channel to show other women what options they had. This became a gateway to something more than I had ever imagined. I discovered how many women worldwide were suffering from this terrible hairloss epidemic. I was on a mission to help other women thru my own story to find their confidence again. In came TheHairMama. I believe that God has given me my struggles and my abilities to help other women suffering with hairloss. I hope to be a light in this community and use my talents to restore women’s beauty worldwide! There is hope ladies!!!                                                                                                                                                                      
Xoxo TheHairMama